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Team building & events

The Great Gatsby Whisper the password to enter the secret world of a speakeasy. Enjoy live music, games of chance,
As a team building challenge, have attendees build boats out of cardboard, tape and flotation devices. Then, the teams must
We propose the construction of an environmentally friendly, green vehicle to meet the growing dilemma of CO2 emissions. The way,
Here in this game we will unite the team, testing the team skills of all participants from the formed several
As organizations grow larger and more complex, it’s important to remember that everyone’s contribution matters, and that sometimes one bad
The participants will be welcomed in the event room of the hotel. There are going to be divided into groups
Chain Reaction is quickly becoming the ultimate team building event developing excellent teamwork and project management skills while stimulating creativity
Sub-teams work together to build a bridge which represents the future goals and aspirations of your organization, and has the
Make your party unique with our extremely fun challenges.We will choose together the most joyful and convenient quick games for
Like the well known game, you will be formally divided into teams. They will compete against each other in several
This program is mixed by treasure hunting and chocolate tasting. With the help of our professional Chocolatier, participants will be
Crazy Bingo is a mix of interaction, excitement, fast paced fun, and thought provoking trivia challenges. You will play rounds
Team Mixology is our winning recipe for a top-shelf bonding experience. Blend in tips, tricks, and trivia from one of
10 people of your company will transform into actors. They will perform a murder mystery play. All the rest of
Corporate Quiz Bowl is a rousing team-building contest that can be played almost anywhere.  Better than a traditional pub quiz
There is something for everyone at our casinos so this is a perfect package for a Christmas party. Whether you
Duration 2-3 hours Are you looking to make your next party something you and your guests won't soon forget? Well
Learn your blancs from your noirs on a wine tasting outing. Instructors will take you through a selection of wines,
тийм билдинг същност
Тийм билдинг е философия на дизайна на работни места , в които работниците и служителите се разглеждат като членове на
Искате тийм билдинг идеи, но не знаете от къде да започнете? Почти всичко наоколо може да послужи за тийм билдинг