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WOW Chain maker

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Chain Reaction is quickly becoming the ultimate team building event developing excellent teamwork and project management skills while stimulating creativity and innovation. It requires proficient project management skills to design and build an intricate sequence of reactions. Chain Reaction emulates a real-life project as teams are constrained by limited time and resources. Drawing on their problem solving, creativity and communication skills, teams must work together effectively in the design phase to create a realistic outcome.

Collaboration, diversity and inter dependencies are the names of the game. Teams are given a box of everyday materials (funnels, tubes, wood, string, etc.) to create a chain reaction. The objective is for each team to work together to ensure that not only does their individual section work, but that it also triggers and works with each team’s contraptions on either side of them, and so on, until a full chain reaction is created. The event culminates in moving an object, e.g. a marble or another type of ball, from one side of the room to another, utilizing every section, and through the entire room.

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